Computer Consulting Services provides 24 hour emergency ON SITE repair, if
  required. That's how dedicated we are to keeping your computers working
  properly. Naturally, we prefer to work during normal business hours, but
  sometimes that is just not possible. If your network is down or needs to be
  upgraded without disrupting your work force, we understand.

  Our service vehicle carries enough parts and supplies to fix most problems
  immediately. That means less down time for you. We have cabling and
  diagnostic equipment to install and certify network wiring.

  We also have a well equipped shop where you can drop off computers for work
  and where we set up and test all of our new computers to make sure they are
  100% up to snuff before we deliver them.

  Let us know what you need and we will go the extra mile for you, our valued

               Our rates are very competitive:
      Home users and small businesses        $55/hr  (1-2 PC's)
      Standard business rate                       $65/hr
      Web Site development                        $75/hr
      Custom Programming                         $75/hr

  We have a 2 hour minimum fee for On Site visits.
  Straight Time and Materials for Shop Rates, with NO minimum.
  Emergency Service Calls outside of normal or pre-arranged working hours is
  billed at 1.5 x our usual rates.