Here is the Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How

  Who: Computer Consulting Services, (CCS) provides a variety of services
                for IBM compatible Personal Computers for Corporations, Small businesses,
                and Home users.


         *  SALES - We sell only the highest quality business class new custom configured PC's
            tailor suited to your needs. We also sell reconditioned used PC's and equipment

        *  SERVICE - 24 hour emergency ON SITE repair available

        *  PC SUPPORT - IBM Compatible Personal Computer Hardware, Software, and Microsoft
            Windows Operating Systems (ALL versions!)

        *  LAN SUPPORT - Microsoft Local Area Networks (LAN'S)

        *  CONSULTING - Helping you choose the right hardware and software for your business

        *  WEB HOSTING - Our web hosting includes assisting you in Domain Name registration,
             storing your web site on our secure server, setting up and maintaining your web
             e-mail services (we scan for viruses and spam and eliminate most of them even
             before you get them!)

        *  WEB SITE DEVELOPMENT - We develop anything from simple, informational web sites
            to world class E-commerce sites

        *  TRAINING - We provide one on one training, the way it was meant to be

  When: We have been in the PC related business at the same location since 1989!
  Our experience in the Mainframe and Mini-computer industry extends back to 1970.
  CCS was started in the high tech community of Minneapolis, Minnesota, in the mid 80's and moved
  to rural Wisconsin in 1989. This has allowed CCS to gain a wide variety of clientele, from major
  nationally recognized companies like Target, Swiss Miss, and Northern States Power Company to
  local businesses and home PC users.

  Where: We are located between Siren, Webster, and Spooner, just West of Hertel, Wisconsin.
  While we have customers as far away as California, our primary focus is serving customers in the
  Northwestern Wisconsin region. Most customers reside in Burnett County or Polk County in the
  towns of: Frederic, Lewis, Siren, Webster, Danbury, Alpha, Falun, Hertel, and Spooner.

  Why: We like helping people with their computing needs! We are honest, hard working and
  trustworthy. We were raised with the coveted Midwestern work ethic and common sense that
  seems to be in such short supply these days.

  How: CCS offers you courteous, professional, and confidential services at reasonable rates.
  Detailed activity logs and computerized accounting ensure that you get what you pay for. We take
  a personal interest in your business. It is our goal to help you utilize your computers as efficiently as
  possible, so that you get the most for your computing dollar!